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Choice of door styles and finishes


   Mix and Match colours


Dozens of Door styles

All made to measure

Any size, Any Shape

CAD Drawings

Scaled drawings provided 

Detailed images of your Fitted Bedroom, Kitchen, Office or Lounge/Dining furniture are provided to assist in deciding the design, colour finish, door design and room decor

A company you can trust. In business since 1989

Beware the fly by night companies who frequently liquidate and start up again with a new name!

Open framed rebated mirror doors

Made to measure bevel edged door style available in over 20 finishes

Chunky, 25mm thickness matching profiled edge worktops made to any shape up to 2750 length

Centre panel options available in this contemporary door style

These doors manufactured up to 2400mm height.

Mix and match the colour of door and centre panel

Angled Doors

Made to measure angled doors are available in any size up to 2400mm height.


Sloping Ceilings

Bespoke wardrobes fitted to  rooms of any shape, any size.

Built in beds

Any size, Ideal for small box rooms

Make the most of a small room. Beds can be built to your requirements with made to measure mattresses if required. 

A Foldaway bed in the ideal space saving solution for a small room.

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